What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is typically necessary for oral surgeries and more complicated dental procedures. It involves placing a small IV into the arm and delivering a safe sedative into your system. You will slowly enter a sleep-like state, making the procedure more comfortable and easier for you. IV sedation is safe for most patients, and it's often needed if you'll be undergoing more invasive treatments.

Why is IV Sedation needed?

There are a few reasons for why IV sedation might be the best option for you. You might be undergoing oral surgery or an incredibly complicated procedure and would rather be asleep for it. Likewise, our Leander dentist might recommend this sedative if you are unable to sit still or relax for treatment. IV sedation can take the trouble out of sitting for treatment, and you'll find it's easier for both our staff and yourself.

Who is a candidate for IV Sedation?

Most patients coming into our office are good candidates for IV sedation. We will review all health and medical history prior to suggesting any type of sedative. If you are unable to undergo sedation, it is important that you tell us this during your appointment. IV sedation can be used on both children and adult patients who may need it.

What happens during IV Sedation?

The process begins by sitting you comfortably in one of our operatories. We then place a small IV into your arm and deliver a safe, effective sedative into your system. Without about 15 minutes, you will begin to enter a sleep-like state. We then perform the procedure as needed. The IV is removed from your arm and you are taken to one of our recovery rooms. You are given enough time to wake up so that you can leave the office. It is important that you have a friend or relative there who can bring you home from the appointment when needed.

If you are interested in learning more about IV sedation, call our office today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to further assist you.

Are There Any Side Effects Of IV Sedation?

Yes. Usually, you’ll feel pretty drowsy after your procedure, and generally “out of it.” You may also feel some other minor side effects like dry mouth and a headache. Amnesia is also very common. It’s likely that you will forget most or all of what happened during your appointment at 

It’s also common for your eyes to water or for you to cry after surgery. This is more common among kids and adolescents, but it can happen to anyone. Some people may feel nauseous after IV sedation, too, or may even feel the urge to vomit. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to avoid eating and drinking before your surgery, as directed by Dr. Kevin at our office.

Your reflexes and your decision-making ability will also be inhibited for 4-6 hours or longer, which is why you should not drive a car to Green Dentistry of Leander if you are getting IV sedation. We will require you to be accompanied by a responsible adult who can take you to and from our office for your surgery. 

How Long Do The Effects Of IV Sedation Last?

This depends on the patient. Some side effects will wear off within an hour or two, but the lingering effects of sedation can persist for 4-6 hours. It will take between 12 and 24 hours for the effects of sedation to wear off completely.

For that reason, we recommend that you take at least a day off of work, especially if you’re having dental surgery like a tooth extraction. Taking a day or two off of work allows you to rest, recover, and begin the healing process with less stress.

What Are My Other Sedation Options?

Along with IV sedation, we offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as alternatives. Oral conscious sedation allows you to be sedated by taking a few pills, rather than using an IV needle. This makes it a good option if you’re afraid of needles. 

Compared to IV sedation, oral conscious sedation has similar effects. However, the effects tend to be more mild, since you’ll take your sedative orally rather than having them injected into a vein. You’ll likely remain partially aware of what happens during your procedure.

Another option is nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation. With nitrous oxide, you’ll put on a nose mask, and Dr. Kevin will send a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen into this mask. As soon as you breathe in, the laughing gas will enter your lungs and begin to take effect.

This type of sedation allows you to remain fully conscious and aware of what’s happening around you. However, you will feel much more calm and comfortable during your treatment. Another benefit of laughing gas is that it wears off after just a few minutes. This means you can drive yourself to and from Green Dentistry of Leander, and even go back to work or school after your procedure at our office in Leander, TX.

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